Used Construction Equipment

The writer of this article wonders how often she has passed a construction site with used construction equipment. The writer spent three years living and working on or near the Houston Medical Center. The many construction crews at the Medical Center seemed to never disappear; those construction workers just moved from one muddy spot to the next. Years later the writer helped with the delivery of some used equipment.

Volvo Used Equipment

The writer road behind a used pick-up truck as it was taken to the builder who had purchased it. Then the driver of that truck drove the writer to her California apartment. On February 6, 2008, those who keep track of the latest news concerning used construction equipment made note of one report coming from IronPanet. That company, the world’s largest coordinator of online used equipment auctions, announced plans for its first auction in Australia.

On February 14, 2008, IronPlanet auctioned-off more than 170 items. That list of auctioned items included many pieces of used construction equipment. Online shoppers in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia could bid for that equipment while sitting at a home or office computer.

Used Construction Equipment

IronPlanet thus made their valuable services available to a wider segment of the world’s community of builders. IronPlanet has become the world’s leading site for online equipment auctions by giving builders and developers what they need. IronPlanet has managed to “read the mind” of the man or woman who plans to buy used construction equipment.

IronPlanet promises its customers a rapid delivery of the purchased equipment. IronPlanet allows builders and developers to obtain equipment at market leading prices. IronPlanet provides its customers with guaranteed inspection reports about each purchased piece of used construction equipment.

IronPlanet’s policies help their customers to buy with confidence. The men and women who bid on IronPlanet’s equipment can feel assured that they will receive functioning and well-maintained equipment. The purchaser of equipment from an IronPlanet auction does not need to ponder on the past history of that equipment. The details of that history appear in IronPlanet’s inspection report.

Bobcat 337 Excavator

Sometimes, the men and women who buy used construction equipment from other online auctions loose sleep worrying about the safety of that equipment. The men and women who buy equipment from IronPlanet should sleep soundly. Almost all of that equipment has undergone a risk assessment. That assessment gives the buyer of the equipment a look at how well it complies with Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines.

IronPlanet offers its customers equipment of all sizes and types. Not all of IronPlanet’s construction equipment falls in the category of heavy construction equipment. Those who have need of them can find mini excavators among the pieces of IronPlanet equipment.

Yanmar CBL40A Compact=

Not all of the items sold at an IronPlanet auction are mobile pieces of equipment. One can find aerial work platforms and traffic control equipment at many of IronPlanet’s online auctions.

The IronPlanet equipment can help those who supervise construction workers to schedule work during evening hours. That supervisor can examine the light towers that go up for auction on a regular basis. By using such light towers, a supervisor can relieve construction workers of the need to do all of their work under the hot, unforgiving sun.

Those who operate used equipment do not need to adhere to the out-dated practice of expecting all work to be done during daylight hours.


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