When in the market for construction equipment and not a whole lot of money, you may want to check out some auctions with used equipment available. These auctions can provide some great buys on some still usable machines. Many auctions have like new equipment and machines that have only been used for one or two different jobs. They are still in good working order and worth the price to buy for your next construction job. Many places depend on these auctions to build up their supply of heavy equipment and machinery for their business. So take a look at some of the places that might offer auction pieces.

Caterpillar Dump Truck

There are many interesting websites or local places you can check out for auctions of used construction equipment. Check your local newspaper or you can always Google. Many of these places offer a WIN IT NOW price which means you can purchase it right then and there instead of waiting to see if your bid wins over other people’s. Many times, you place the highest bid you are willing to pay for the equipment and wait until the auction is over to see if you won. Still others, you can visit like an old fashioned auction where you raise your sign up and bid on an item against other people for the machines.

John Deere Harvester 1070D

There are all kinds of machines and equipment you will see at one of these auctions. They will have anything you need for construction or roads. They also will have the best names in the business.

These include John Deere, Komatsu, Caterpillar, and Volvo. The auction will include many different pieces of construction equipment as well. Some of these are Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Dump Trucks, Mixer Trucks, and Cranes. All of these will be seen and bought at every auction.

Auctions that include these big machines also have a certain group that follow them. Many of the bidders at these auctions are people who are just starting up a new business. They don’t have the money yet to go out and buy all new stuff. So getting a used piece of equipment that still works is even better and even cheaper. Once they start making some money on contracts throughout a couple years in the business, they can upgrade their machines and equipment as needed.

Volvo Wheel Loaders

Another bunch of people you might see at these auctions are those who just need some pieces to complement what they already have. Many times, a construction business can get a contract and then find out they don’t have enough pieces of equipment to cover what is needed. Sometimes they can get the extra pieces at an auction of used equipment. They get what they need and don’t have to spend a fortune to do it. Any money they make will be worth it in the end.

Komatsu Equipment

If you are looking to get some big machines at a great price, check out the auctions for used construction equipment. You will find some very sturdy equipment and some great deals. It is the best way to build up the number of trucks, loaders, and cranes in your business. You can look around on line or go locally to get your equipment and trucks. Many people don’t know about these types of auctions. You have a great chance of getting what you need or what you are looking for without spending money you really don’t have.