Telco Construction Equipment

When looking for a great construction company, look no further than Telco Construction Equipment Company. The Telco Construction Company has many different kinds of equipment for building and road work. It is said that Telco Construction is the leader in the construction market right now. They use their equipment and their business sense to secure the most profitable accounts. They guarantee customer satisfaction. Many times companies take a job that is too big for them to handle. This is not the case with Telco Construction. They always take jobs they can handle and get done on or before the time is up.

Telco Excavators

Located in Karnataka, India, the Telco Construction Equipment Company carries a lot of construction equipment in its directory. This equipment includes haulers, cranes, excavators, loaders, and all kinds of road equipment. The company focuses mostly on hydraulic type work. They also have a hand on products that are imported, wheeled machines, and road makers.

Telco Heavy Excavators

The company started in 1961 under the Taka Motors Engineering name. Hitachi joined them in 1984. They made huge strides sales and landmark figures. They finally decided to build an operations in Dharwad in 1998. 1999 brought us the Telco Construction Equipment company. They use the best techniques and the best people for the job. Telco employs hundreds of trained and experienced people to head up their projects each year. They have also cornered the market on cranes and excavators.

Their Hydraulic Excavators has the Izusu engine inside. With this type of engine, you will get a high performance and dependable machine to do the work. The operation of the unit is always smooth, and the person running the gears won’t get so tired by the end of the day. They are equipped with a different mode for higher productivity. You choose the HP Mode on the Excavator and that increases the power from 135 PS to 145 PS.

The Hydraulic Backhoe Loader is another fine piece of equipment that the Telco Construction Company uses in its day to day projects. With 96HP behind the engine and a high-torque turbo charged engine, this machine has plenty of power and reserve to handle those tough terrain jobs and still be able to go back for more. It has two modes of operation. The person can control the power for each job. Normal mode lets the machine do its own work whether it be laying pipe or digging a trench. This machine is also a good fuel economizer saving the company a bundle in money spent.

Telco Tato Excavators

The other great machine the Telco Company might employ is a Wheel Loader. It does have a Hydrodynamic torque converter for those tough terrain jobs as well. The brakes are multidisc and air released. It comes equipped with both oscillating and fixed axles for whatever movement is needed. This machine is a great loader with a lot of power for dragging away trash, dirt, or mud.

Take a look at the Telco Construction Company’s website and see if they can do a job for you. They can tell you if the job is possible, and if they can handle it. They do not send new people in by themselves and leave them to chance. They have some of the most talented and experienced workers at their company that really know how to do the project that needs to be done.


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    A cheap but very top quality heavy equipments is already good, and Telco gives there customers a gurantee!

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