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There is a big market right now for road construction equipment. Whether you rent it or buy it used or new, you can always find what you need to complete your projects. There are many resources if you need specific pieces of machinery for a unique job. Depending on what your particular company does, you can find a place either locally or on line to help fulfill your equipment needs for road construction. Many people when looking for road construction equipment allow for buying new pieces to add to their growing fleets. They don’t realize that there are other options available if they don’t have all the money to put into a new piece of machinery.

Volvo Asphalt Paver

Many of the unique machines and equipment used for road construction can be found quite easily. These pieces of equipment include asphalt patchers, dozers, backhoes, cranes, excavators, and mowing equipment. Most of these can be used in an oilfield, for commercial or industrial purposes, and in a municipal capacity.

Cat RM-300 Rotary Mixer

This equipment is used for the excavating and removing of rocks and earth to allow a new road system to be created. After planning and designing the new road, you must get approval. After all that, you can go out and start scouting the location to see what will need to be done. You can then bring in all the road construction equipment you think you will need for the project.

Volvo Road Construction Equipment

You will need equipment for making the curbs and embankments for the new roadway. There are also bridges and tunnels that may need to be planned as well. There is plenty of land and trees that will need to be removed from the site. You will also need to think about drainage and other conditions that may cause a problem for the new road. Many pieces of road construction equipment can come into use here. The excavators, loaders, dump trucks, mixers, and backhoes are perfect for his type of work.

Make sure to use each piece of equipment for what it was intended and not for off label uses. You can hurt or damage your machinery this way. Keep your machines in excellent condition to insure the best possible work being done. Damaged machines can take more time and often leave a bad problem in the road construction where the roadway can be crooked or uneven. Take notice of wear and tear on your road construction equipment and fix any small problems before they become larger ones.

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Another thing that must be taken into consideration is the weight the road itself can actually hold. They take an average size tractor trailer truck that weighs around 124,000 pounds including steer and tandem axles. They also use an average passenger car that weighs around 2500 pounds. Any of these can break up the roadwork. More road construction equipment must be used to fix the problems. The same occurs when bad weather breaks up the roads such as winter ice causing potholes in some places.

Cat Asphalt Paver

Maintenance and upkeep at every ten year mark also add to the uses of road construction equipment. Whether you need to repave the asphalt, fill in the potholes, seal some cracks, or treat just the surface of the road, you will need many unique pieces of road construction equipment for these jobs. Make sure you have what you need as you bid on each road construction job and project. Not only will the people hiring you get a good company to work with, you will get a steady supply of business because you can do the job and do it right.


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