CTT 2011 – Construction Equipment & Technologies

World’s largest annual show of construction equipment, which every year brings together the leading manufacturers and suppliers of heavy construction equipment and services.

Moscow CTT 2011 Show Photo

Moscow CTT 2011 Show Photo

CTT 2011 Construction Equipment and Technologies in Russia

CTT 2011 Construction Equipment and Technologies in Russia

Russian Mobile Cranes

Russian Mobile Cranes

Davino Self-loading Concrete Mixer

Davino Self-loading Concrete Mixer

Liebherr PR-764 Litronic Bulldozer

Liebherr PR-764 Litronic Bulldozer

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Used Forklifts Houston – Tips for Purchasing Used Equipment

Texas has a particular need for manufacturing equipment, including forklifts, because of the agricultural and manufacturing industries that are based here. Smaller business owners or those who are simply looking for a better bargain might want to think about the possibility of purchasing used forklifts Houston instead of new models, especially if you are new to the industry, have a small warehouse, or need to purchase several different models at the same time. Before purchasing used forklifts, however, it’s essential to learn more about what to look for and what the latest accessories and innovations in the forklift world are.

Forklifts Houston

To begin with, one thing to bear in mind when making your first purchase of used forklifts Houston is just how important it is to shop around. Because this is heavy machinery that will need to last for a lengthy period of time, it’s vital that you think about how old the unit is that you are purchasing, along with its records of mechanical repairs.

Jungheinrich Forklift

Generally speaking, forklifts are traded in after a period of anywhere from seven to ten years, so those that are newer than this time frame could be a great bargain in Houston.

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Forklift Tires and Wheels – Basics of Tires

Similar to larger trucks parts, forklift tires and wheels may also have their own set of standards that it can be a good idea to pay attention to before attempting to replace existing wheels. For example, there are wheels that have been designed to operate more efficiently in extreme conditions. Smooth forklift tires may have a groove that allows them to release heat, so that the tire is given a longer shelf life. Although some may be tempted to install truck tires onto their forklifts, this is in fact not approved by OSHA. This is because the commercial truck tires don’t have the same safety features that forklift tires do.

Skid Loader Tires

Even though the truck tires may fit onto a forklift, forklift manufacturers also do not approve of using them in place of approved forklift tires and wheels. They are designed with the specific purposes and needs of the warehouse environment in mind. These tires tend to come in two different types, both smooth and traction tires. Smooth tires give better traction in dry environments, and so will last longer. For moist environments however, a traction tire may be the better fit and could also be a more economical solution.

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Caterpillar Global Dealer Network Can Help You Stay on Top

The Caterpillar Global Dealer Network is the company’s system of associated businesses that sell Caterpillar products as well as service their machines. For those in the construction business or otherwise have a need for industrial machinery, having such a network of well known machine manufacturers at your disposal means you will always have the support you need for the machines you use in your business.

Caterpillar R4 Dozer

Whether you are looking to buy new equipment, upgrade your existing equipment or service machines that have broken down, the Caterpillar network is here to help. Here are several ways the network will help keep your business running.

Caterpillar D7G Dozer

If you are starting a new business or need to replace machinery that has worn down, then the Caterpillar Global Dealer Network can help you get new equipment. Even if you have special needs, a salesperson can assist you in customizing a machine to fit your specific needs. This applies with their other products too. They sell both diesel and gas generators that can be adjusted according to your needs. Being able to do this means you will get exactly what you need without spending money on features you will never use. They can also arrange for financing if you need it.

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US Gold Mining Industry – A Rich History

The US gold mining industry is a major contributor to the world gold market. As of 2003 it was the world’s second largest gold producer behind South Africa, generating more than 285 tons. However, this was a large decrease from the 355 tons produced in 2000. In the year 2003, gold was generated at over 53 lode mines across the country, more than 12 large placer mines, almost all which were located in the state of Alaska, and a handful of small placer mines, located in Alaska and the western portion of the country. Of all the mines in the United States, just 30 generated over 99% of the gold in the country.

Gold Mining Industry

The US gold mining industry has a long history which began in 1799 when the first gold was discovered in North Carolina at the Reed farm. Gold was discovered in the Appalachian Mountains in Georgia about 30 years later and the California Gold Rush followed shortly after and lasted from 1848 to 1852 in the Sierra Nevada. As time passed, many additional states became involved with gold extraction, including Alabama, Texas, Virginia and Alaska.

Rochester Gold Mine, Nevada, USA

Naturally occurring gold can be found in almost all 50 states, but a total of 23 states have a history of gold production. During the 1989s gold production increased because of high prices and the use of a new extraction technique called heap leaching. The peak of the US gold industry took place in 1998.

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Kubota mini excavators – Efficient and Cost-Saving Technologies

Established in 1890, Kubota manufactures heavy equipment and tractors. The company headquarter are in Osaka, Japan. However, in 1972 they formed the Kubota Tractor Corporation as their presence in the United States. It is based in Torrance, California and distributes imported Kubota products. Kubota Manufacturing of America started in 1988, and the manufacturing plant is near Jefferson, Georgia. This Japanese company with American subsidiaries manufactures and markets two lines of excavators, including Kubota mini excavators.

Kubota Mini Excavators K008-3

The first line is called the KX series, and the models are traditional tail swing excavators. The ten excavators in the KX line range in weight from 2,200 pounds to 19,489 pounds. Digging depths go from 5 feet 8 inches to just over 15 feet. The horsepower varies quite a bit as well, from 10.3 to 70. Eight of the ten machines in this line are considered Kubota mini excavators, with the smallest classified as an Ultra-Compact Excavator (K008-3). Model KX121-3S has the option of a six-in-one hydraulic blade mounted to the front of the tracks instead of the standard blade.

Kubota Mini Excavator KH014

This new technology allows the blade to lift and lower, as well as tilt, giving it six positions. These six positions make leveling and backfilling dirt simpler and quicker.

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Komatsu mini excavators – Safety and Productivity in a Compact Excavator

Komatsu Limited is a multinational corporation based in Tokyo, Japan. The company manufactures construction, military, and mining equipment. The company was founded in 1917 in Komatsu, Ishikawa, and has grown to produce some of the largest machines available in the world. Komatsu makes compact, small, medium, and large excavators for all kinds of dirt work. Komatsu mini excavators provide minimal tail swing in a compact format to facilitate urban construction, pipe-laying, gardening, and more. They are perfect for working in tight spaces. The engines run hydraulic pumps that provide the powerful, smooth motion of the bucket. Komatsu excavators range in weight from 1,985 pounds to 279,159 pounds.

Komatsu Mini Excavator PC50UU 1

Komatsu mini excavators range up to 11,380 pounds. Compact excavators from Komatsu have horsepower from 8.4 to 38.2. Digging depths on Komatsu compact excavators go from 4 feet 11 inches to 13 feet. The PC09-1 is the smallest mini excavator Komatsu makes. It operates with low levels of noise, allowing operators to work longer and more efficiently. Stability is improved with a triple flanged bottom flat roller. It has a 2-cylinder engine that has a water-cooled, 4-cycle turbulence chamber. The canopy structure is designed to protect the operator from the harsh sun, falling debris, and roll-over accidents. The cab provides larger space for comfort while operating.

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JCB mini excavators – A Family – Owned, Global Company

Based in Rochester, New England, JCB or J.C. Bamford Excavators, Limited manufactures construction equipment, including, but not limited to, excavators. The company has 17 factories in countries other than the United Kingdom. The US factory is located in Pooler, Georgia. This 500,000 square foot facility near Savannah, Georgia serves over 120 distributors in the United States and Canada. JCB was founded in 1945 by Joseph Cyril Bamford. JCB is still family owned. In fact, JCB is the biggest privately-owned construction company in the world. One of their clients is the US Army, purchasing armored backhoe loaders (High Mobility Engineer Excavator) for use in Iraq and Afghanistan. The company manufactures eleven JCB mini excavators in the 8000 series.

JCB 8065

The 8000 series compact excavators range in weight from 2,094 pounds to 18,188 pounds. Digging depths go from 5 feet 6 inches to 13 feet 10 inches. JCB mini excavators have horsepower that measures from 12.7 to 58. The smallest model (Micro 8008) is so small, it can fit through doorways. The tubular boom encases the hoses, protecting them from worksite damage. Despite its small size, the Micro 8008 provides the operator with plenty of leg space. Operation is easy with independent function controls. The open cab is made safer with a Tip Over Protection Structure (TOPS) that can be mounted on the front or back of the vehicle.

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John Deere mini-excavators – American-Made Quality and Choice

Deere and Company was founded by an American blacksmith named John Deere. He was born in Vermont lived from 1804 to 1886. In 1837, he moved to Illinois and began inventing and improving commercial farm equipment. Deere and Company, commonly referred to as John Deere, is a Fortune 500 corporation based in Moline, Illinois. The leading agricultural machine manufacturer in the world, the green and yellow John Deere logo is internationally recognizable. The corporation has extensions in twenty-seven countries. Most manufacturing is done in Illinois, Iowa, and Europe. John Deere mini-excavators come in five sizes to fit any job.

The operating weights of John Deere mini-excavators range from 1.893 metric tons to 6.193 metric tons. Digging depths go from 7 feet 1.4 inches to 12 feet 4 inches. Machine power ranges from 14.8 to 54 horsepower. The four smallest compact excavators have zero tail swing to prevent damage in tight worksites. The cabs are designed for operator safety, comfort, and visibility.

John Deere 35D

Some models have the option to add heat and air conditioning to the cab. Direct-injection diesel engines provide low noise and impressive power, with improved fuel efficiency. Some models also have an Auto-Idle feature when controls are released to reduce fuel consumption.

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Hyster Forklifts – A Brief History

Although the field seems to be dominated by global giants that range from Nissan to Toyota, Hyster forklifts have made quite a name for themselves on a worldwide level, which is all the more impressive considering their rather humble beginnings. Hyster began back in the 1920’s in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA, as a logging equipment manufacturer. Their name is a reference to the lumber workers who would shout a cry of “Hoist’er” whenever a log was ready to be lifted. This is now used to refer to the forklifts, which still bear the distinction of being able to lift up heavy loads at any given time.

Hyster R30XMS

The history of Hyster forklifts is one that can be outlined by a series of different innovations in the timber field, using the power of harnesses and forklifts to help along the timber industry, which at the time was one of the leading industries in the region. One of the first Hyster lift trucks was the “BT” which sported a cable hoist system, invented in 1935.

Hyster Forklifts

In 1941, a smaller version of the lift truck was invented called the “handy Andy,” which was small enough to be used in office settings as well as out there in the wilderness, which was a major breakthrough in the field.

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