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The writer of the following article would like to know whether or not they have any New Holland construction equipment at the Agricultural College in Doylestown, PA. The train from Philadelphia to Doylestown passes that College during each of its runs. Since the writer of the following article has, more than once, made the round trip journey from Doylestown to Philadelphia and back, she has passed the College numerous times. The writer has also visited another Doylestown site where one might find New Holland equipment. That is the spot with fields of flowers, flowers from seeds being tested by the Burpee Seed Company.

New Holland G200 Motor Grader

On Tuesday, June 17, 2008, the latest news concerning the campaign plans for Senators Obama and McCain included mention of a trip for Senator Obama. According to the news reports, Senator Barrack Obama anticipated visiting both Iraq and Afghanistan before the date of the 2008 election. If the Senator did make that trip to Afghanistan, he might be surprised to see there one item that should be a familiar site. Senator Obama could well happen upon pieces of New Holland construction equipment in Afghanistan.

New Holland E135b Excavator

On June 11, 2008, a shipment of New Holland construction equipment arrived at the Afghan National Army Kabul Military Training Center. The skid-steer loaders in that shipment had come out of a New Holland factory in Wichita. The Afghan Army planned to use those skid-steer loaders while building homes, installing water pipes and sewers, repairing schools and shoring-up government buildings.

New Holland W130 Wheel Loader

That New Holland construction equipment sent to Afghanistan traveled in the company of a different sort of equipment manual. Unlike manuals used by construction workers in the United States, the manuals sent to Afghanistan all had pages of material printed in Farsi. Farsi, the Iranian term for the Persian language, came into Afghanistan when Alexander the Great marched east from the heart of the Persian Empire.

The armies of Alexander the Great took into Afghanistan some of the items that the soldiers had acquired while marching east through Persia. Of course, the armies of Alexander the Great did not carry those items in any type of New Holland Construction equipment. Alexander the Great completed all of his magnificent engineering feats without using track loaders, backhoes, wheel loaders, crawler dozers or motor graders.

New Holland L160 Loader

By the same token, Alexander the Great did not spend a lot of time worrying about the safety of any construction crew, or about the hazards that his army might introduce into the environment. Today, the makers of New Holland construction equipment adhere to the government’s explicit safety and environmental standards.

New Holland L170 Skid Steer Loader

The 700 plus dealers selling New Holland equipment proudly show customers the safety of that equipment. They also make a point of displaying the degree to which New Holland construction equipment complements the growing movement toward construction of “green” buildings.

New Holland C185 Compact=

Alexander the Great never thought about how his actions might be “compatible” with the environment through which his army was passing. In contrast to that ancient method of thinking, the present-day makers of New Holland equipment can not afford to ignore any region’s compatibility studies.

New Holland B95 Backhoe Loader

The makers of New Holland equipment want governments that need construction equipment to see at least this one thing in the New Holland equipment: a solution that appears to be compatible with the area in which the new structure will be going-up.


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