Modular building techniques continue to evolve as clients seek high-grade solutions that save both time and money. As a result, relatively new concepts like floorless modular buildings have become refreshing new additions to the modular lineup. Modular buildings themselves are innately groundbreaking creations, providing cost-effective, quality construction with a quick turn-around time.

Portable Modular Buildings

At its core, modular aims to streamline the sometimes long-winded development course of construction so that clients can receive the most affordable, swiftly produced building possible without sacrificing quality. This process improves project efficiency through simultaneous in-factory construction and onsite preparation. Buildings are ready and installed once the foundation is ready, resulting a finished building in as little as half the time of a comparable conventionally built structure.

Meanwhile, an attractive new modular technique is now being used that involves offsite construction of buildings without floors. Deemed floorless modular construction, this approach allows for a building component to be lowered directly onto an at-grade foundation and, where appropriate, blend seamlessly with an existing building.

Custom Modular Schools

A common foundation used with floorless modular building is known as a monolithic slab. This inches-thick, single layer of concrete supports the structure with strengthened load bearing qualities and, of course, serves as basic support for creating flooring after the building has been placed onto the slab. The floorless structures are bolstered with steel joists and columns integrated into the building’s framework.

Along with these increasingly popular construction techniques, designers continue to innovate and create new and out-of-the-box uses that take full advantage of the time-saving, cost and quality benefits of modular buildings. For a visual on the installation process of a floorless modular classroom, please watch the following time-lapse video of a Floorless Modular Install!