Kubota mini excavators – Efficient and Cost-Saving Technologies

Established in 1890, Kubota manufactures heavy equipment and tractors. The company headquarter are in Osaka, Japan. However, in 1972 they formed the Kubota Tractor Corporation as their presence in the United States. It is based in Torrance, California and distributes imported Kubota products. Kubota Manufacturing of America started in 1988, and the manufacturing plant is near Jefferson, Georgia. This Japanese company with American subsidiaries manufactures and markets two lines of excavators, including Kubota mini excavators.

Kubota Mini Excavators K008-3

The first line is called the KX series, and the models are traditional tail swing excavators. The ten excavators in the KX line range in weight from 2,200 pounds to 19,489 pounds. Digging depths go from 5 feet 8 inches to just over 15 feet. The horsepower varies quite a bit as well, from 10.3 to 70. Eight of the ten machines in this line are considered Kubota mini excavators, with the smallest classified as an Ultra-Compact Excavator (K008-3). Model KX121-3S has the option of a six-in-one hydraulic blade mounted to the front of the tracks instead of the standard blade.

Kubota Mini Excavator KH014

This new technology allows the blade to lift and lower, as well as tilt, giving it six positions. These six positions make leveling and backfilling dirt simpler and quicker.

Kubota mini excavators also come in zero and tight tail swing models called the U series. Four of the five models in this line have zero tail swing technology. This means that the cab does not extend beyond the tracks even when turning, allowing operators to turn the cab and boom 360 degrees without worrying about hitting anything behind or to the sides of the machine. The back of the cab is weighted to provide centering and work stability. This is different from traditional models because the more traditional excavators set the cab in such a way that the back hangs over the edge of the track base to counterbalance the weight of the boom and bucket.

Kubota Mini Excavators KX121-3

Maintenance is easy on Kubota mini excavators as well because work panels open wide, providing visibility and access to all main components. The engine, fuel tank, water separator, radiator, coolant reservoir, air filter, control valve and hydraulic tank are all a breeze to maintain. Other Kubota technologies available on some models include Auto-Idle, Anti-Theft, and a Float blade. Auto-Idle saves the owner money by conserving fuel. The engine automatically idles when the controls are in neutral for more than four seconds. As soon as the controls are moved, the engine comes to life, providing maximum power.


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    Japanese always manufactured the precise equipments so as to fit for their domestic market.This cost effective excavator is one of such typical example.

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