Komatsu mini excavators – Safety and Productivity in a Compact Excavator

Komatsu Limited is a multinational corporation based in Tokyo, Japan. The company manufactures construction, military, and mining equipment. The company was founded in 1917 in Komatsu, Ishikawa, and has grown to produce some of the largest machines available in the world. Komatsu makes compact, small, medium, and large excavators for all kinds of dirt work. Komatsu mini excavators provide minimal tail swing in a compact format to facilitate urban construction, pipe-laying, gardening, and more. They are perfect for working in tight spaces. The engines run hydraulic pumps that provide the powerful, smooth motion of the bucket. Komatsu excavators range in weight from 1,985 pounds to 279,159 pounds.

Komatsu Mini Excavator PC50UU 1

Komatsu mini excavators range up to 11,380 pounds. Compact excavators from Komatsu have horsepower from 8.4 to 38.2. Digging depths on Komatsu compact excavators go from 4 feet 11 inches to 13 feet. The PC09-1 is the smallest mini excavator Komatsu makes. It operates with low levels of noise, allowing operators to work longer and more efficiently. Stability is improved with a triple flanged bottom flat roller. It has a 2-cylinder engine that has a water-cooled, 4-cycle turbulence chamber. The canopy structure is designed to protect the operator from the harsh sun, falling debris, and roll-over accidents. The cab provides larger space for comfort while operating.

Komatsu Mini Excavators PC-55MR-3

The PC55MR-3 is one of the largest Komatsu mini excavators. The cab on this model is enclosed but still provides great visibility through large windows in the front and on the sides. The enclosure reduces operating noise and still allows for easy entrance and exit. The seat is on a suspension system and more space is in the cab to increase operator comfort. Consumers have three options when it comes to the tracks: rubber, steel and roadliner. The machine can travel at two speeds to speed up work and maximize productivity.

Komatsu Mini Excavator PC35 Diesel

Maintenance on Komatsu mini excavators is facilitated by access panels that open completely. This easy access allows for work on hydraulic components and more. The hood and side panels open for work on the engine. The radiator and oil cooler are side-by-side to make it easier to check them. The operator cab tilts forward for even more access to hydraulic components. The hydraulic hoses are marked for easy identification. Grease points are all on the same side of the arm for ease in maintenance as well. The ignition and all machine locks are operated with the same key.


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