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Deere and Company was founded by an American blacksmith named John Deere. He was born in Vermont lived from 1804 to 1886. In 1837, he moved to Illinois and began inventing and improving commercial farm equipment. Deere and Company, commonly referred to as John Deere, is a Fortune 500 corporation based in Moline, Illinois. The leading agricultural machine manufacturer in the world, the green and yellow John Deere logo is internationally recognizable. The corporation has extensions in twenty-seven countries. Most manufacturing is done in Illinois, Iowa, and Europe. John Deere mini-excavators come in five sizes to fit any job.

The operating weights of John Deere mini-excavators range from 1.893 metric tons to 6.193 metric tons. Digging depths go from 7 feet 1.4 inches to 12 feet 4 inches. Machine power ranges from 14.8 to 54 horsepower. The four smallest compact excavators have zero tail swing to prevent damage in tight worksites. The cabs are designed for operator safety, comfort, and visibility.

John Deere 35D

Some models have the option to add heat and air conditioning to the cab. Direct-injection diesel engines provide low noise and impressive power, with improved fuel efficiency. Some models also have an Auto-Idle feature when controls are released to reduce fuel consumption.

The 60D Compact Excavator is the largest John Deere mini-excavator available. Even though it provides a larger format, the 60D can still be transported easily on a trailer. It can rotate 360 degrees because of a zero tail swing. The operator has a large, comfortable, enclosed workspace that is made up of a large amount of tinted glass to give maximum visibility. Widely-spaced controls provide quick, smooth response comfortably. There is even a port in the cab to power cell phones or other electronics. The 60D engine provides power normally seen in a mid-size excavator. Auto-Idle keeps fuel consumption low and reduces noise to increase productivity and profits.

John Deere 27ZTS

Maintenance on John Deere mini-excavators is made simpler by design and by the quality of the machines. Service is necessary less often due to high-quality, wear-resistant hoses and other well-made components. Access is super easy with a 50 degree tilt open compartment. This allows for work on the swing motor, hydraulic control valve, engine starter motor, and alternator. Consumers can choose between rubber tracks and longer-lasting steel ones. Optional attachments help complete any project. With a manual coupler, switching attachments is quick and easy. Tungsten, carbide-coated surfaces provide durability and easy cleaning.



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