JCB Construction Equipment

The writer of the following article would like to know if any of the JCB construction equipment has been used by builders and developers in Iran. The writer of the following article knows a man living in England, a man who tries hard to maintain his ties to Iran, while residing in that European country. Still, the writer does not expect that same man to jump onto any shipment of JCB equipment that might be headed towards Iran. Instead that resident of Britain might one day purchase such equipment, with the intention of renting it to a developer or builder in Iran.

JCB Construction Equipment

The rising cost of fuel has led to the introduction of a new item from the makers of JCB construction equipment. A spokesman for JCB has indicated that the company plans to develop four and six liter diesel engines.

JCB TLT30 Teletruk Forklift

Designers working for the JCB Construction Equipment Company will join forces with engine specialists from Ricardo, AVL, Cosworth and Krause. Together they will create new diesel engines for JCB’s off-highway equipment.

JCB 406 Wheel Loader

Those in the offices of the well-known JCB Company expect their new diesel engines to satisfy a two-fold need. One is the need for higher-performing engines. The second is the need for engines that comply with future worldwide emission requirements.

The executives at JCB must pay close attention to the worldwide emission requirements. While the JCB factory is in Staffordshire, it provides equipment to builders and developers all over the world. In January of 2000, the first North American manufacturer of JCB Construction Equipment began to turn out backhoe loaders.

The executives at the JCB Construction Company have not yet said in exactly what vehicles they plan to use the new diesel engines. They have not indicated whether or not any of the North American backhoe loaders might contain such an engine. They have not indicated whether or not any of the new diesel engines will go in the Loadall telescopic handlers, the rough-terrrain forklifts or the Robot skid steer loaders.

JCB VM1500 Vibratory Compactor

Perhaps, if the new diesel engines perform well, they will then be used in some of JCB’s hydraulic tracked excavators. Perhaps one or more of those engines will be placed inside one of JCB’s articulated dump trucks. Maybe the JCB executives will call for placement of the new diesel engines in some of their wheel loaders and tool carriers.

JCB JS210 Excavator

Yet even without such information from the JCB executives, members of the construction industry can expect changes in future JCB construction equipment. Those changes will no doubt be the result of world events that those who extablished JC Bamford Excavators Ltd. could never have envisioned. The JCB Construction Equipment Company is the North American division of JC Bamford Excavators Ltd. As a subsidiary of that European operation, the JCB Company has become one of world’s top five manufacturers of construction equipment.

JCB 4-CX Sitemaster Super

Now those who operate JCB’s Savannah, Georgia plant await word about what part they might play in the ongoing quest for ways to improve fuel comsumption. Will the words “Made In America” be stamped on a vehicle that houses one of the planned diesel engines? Executives in the JCB offices might have a different question. They might be asking, “If we offer such vehicles, will the contruction workers in the United States buy them?” No one can know how those executives might answer that question.


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