Although the field seems to be dominated by global giants that range from Nissan to Toyota, Hyster forklifts have made quite a name for themselves on a worldwide level, which is all the more impressive considering their rather humble beginnings. Hyster began back in the 1920’s in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA, as a logging equipment manufacturer. Their name is a reference to the lumber workers who would shout a cry of “Hoist’er” whenever a log was ready to be lifted. This is now used to refer to the forklifts, which still bear the distinction of being able to lift up heavy loads at any given time.

Hyster R30XMS

The history of Hyster forklifts is one that can be outlined by a series of different innovations in the timber field, using the power of harnesses and forklifts to help along the timber industry, which at the time was one of the leading industries in the region. One of the first Hyster lift trucks was the “BT” which sported a cable hoist system, invented in 1935.

Hyster Forklifts

In 1941, a smaller version of the lift truck was invented called the “handy Andy,” which was small enough to be used in office settings as well as out there in the wilderness, which was a major breakthrough in the field.

The company moved away from their smaller plants and opened up a world-class testing facility for forklifts in Portland, Oregon in 1966, which to this day is still considered to be one of the best design facilities in the world for this industry. Hyster forklifts have maintained their innovative qualities and new inventions within these walls throughout the years. Over the years, however, they have added new technology including robotics, electronics, and all the other historical scientific innovations of the past few decades.

Hyster H150

The rugged beginnings of Hyster forklifts have given way over the past eight decades of business to become a truly world class and smooth business operation that is a leader in the forklift field. Today, they are prized more for their seemingly handmade quality and extreme durability than for their contributions to the development of the timber industry, although this is still part of the Hyster legend.

Hyster Spectrum P1.8

With a headquarters in Portland, Oregon but a reach around the world with the quality of lift trucks that are produced here, Hyster has brought a taste of the Pacific Northwest to the manufacturing world.

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