Hitachi Construction Equipment Company Since 1968

We do not need to introduce you to the biggest machine manufacturer company Hitachi as it has been one of the companies that have made through all this time and proved itself the most reliable and safe machine manufacturer in the world. Hitachi construction manufacturing Equipment Company has their head offices in Africa, Russia, Europe and Middle East. This company was established in 1968 in Europe which made its name in no time.

Hitachi Zaxis 50U-3 Excavator

Hitachi is famous for making the biggest shovel machines in the world including a 780 ton ultra-large face shovel. Still with all the competition of other companies emerging for manufacturing construction equipment Hitachi has not given up and still in the market with pride.

Hitachi ZX370F-3 Forester

Hitachi being a Europe company originated in 1968 is considered a safe and reliable construction equipment manufacturing company. It has been making the biggest excavators, dump trucks, cranes and loaders in the world. As people say that old is gold therefore, Hitachi being the oldest company in this business has established their name and reputation unlike companies that are emerging and trying to make a good reputation with their competitions.

Hitachi EX8000-6 Mining Shovel

Other equipment manufacturing companies may lower their prices just to get some attention in the market but Hitachi is everyone’s first choice as construction equipment is not only about efficiency, it also about reliability, safety and good controls. Hitachi has not only made good construction equipment but has experimented in this field introducing new machines from which some of them were given a lot of spotlight while others were not appreciated.

Even Hitachi’s used equipment is taken to the repairing offices and is maintained to be used all over again without risking any safety factors or lives making them absolutely ready to be taken for mining or construction purposes.

Hitachi has made its name is manufacturing cranes, excavators, loaders and dump trucks.

Cranes: This machine is used for lifting tons of heavy weight equipped with ropes, winder, chains and sheaves which is used to lift weight either vertically or horizontally. This machine is mostly used for construction purposes and transport industry in building huge hotels, building or roads and unloading/loading of freight respectively. There are different types of cranes that are manufactured by Hitachi including Telescopic Crane, Tower Crane, Mobile Crane, Truck-mounted crane, Hammerhead crane, Gantry Crane, Crawler Crane, Rough Terrain Crane and many others.

Excavators: This machine is purely used for construction industry to excavate huge tons of sand, rock and earth from the ground. Excavators build by Hitachi are rotatable and can lift up to 84,980 kg of weight with a bucket size that can excavate 4.5 m³.

Loaders: A loader also called a shovel is used for removing material from level ground which is usually needed before constructing a building, hotel or a house somewhere. The entire place has to be cleaned up before the construction of any kind begins.

Dump Trucks: In the end the dump truck comes in the product line of Hitachi which is used to transport useful or useless material from one place to another. Usually after the loaders job is done the useless material is then taken to a place where it can be recycled or dumped in the right place. These are also of many kinds including Semi trailer bottom dump truck, super dump truck, articulated dump truck, standard dump truck, side dump truck, off-road dump trucks.

Hitachi EH3500ACII Rigid Frame Truck

Hitachi has their head offices in major countries including America, Canada and Europe where every country can order construction equipment with minimal shipping rates and prices that is worth every penny.


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