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IHI compact excavators – Many Mini-Excavator Options

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IHI stands for Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries. Based in Tokyo, Japan, the IHI Corporation was founded in 1853. The company produces heavy equipment and machinery for construction, mining, military, aircraft, space exploration, bridges, transportation, and industry. International company IHI Construction Machinery, Ltd. was created in 1952 under the IHI Corporation and US company Koehring. IHI Compact Excavator Sales, LLC distributes IHI products in North and South America. They sell twelve different mini excavators, including conventional and zero tail swing models.

IHI Compact Excavators 28N

IHI compact excavators range in weight from 2,060 pounds to 18,100 pounds. Digging depths on these mini excavators go from 5 feet 2 inches to 15 feet 1 inch. These machines run with horsepower from 10 to 58.7. One of the most unique and smallest of this series is the 9VX Electric mini excavator. The 9VX Electric weighs 2,100 pounds and runs on electricity.

IHI Compct Excavators 65NX

There are no fumes, and the 5 horsepower Baldor engine runs with very low noise levels. It can travel at two speeds, comes with a 75 foot power cord, and can turn 360 degrees. The bucket has a digging depth of 5 feet and 2 inches. Standard expandable tracks retract to fit through tight passageways and expand to provide added stability.

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Yanmar mini excavators – A History of Efficient Machines

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The Yanmar Corporation was founded in 1912 and is based in Osaka, Japan. The Yanmar America Corporation is based in Adairsville, Georgia. Yanmar was the first company to market a true zero-tail swing excavator. This means that there is no need for a counterbalance “tail” on the back of a compact excavator. This technology made it possible to use mini excavators in very confined spaces. Yanmar mini excavators are built on their tradition of fuel-efficient engines. There are three main compact excavators manufactured by Yanmar: the ViO series, the SV series, and the B-Sigma.

Yanmar Mini Excavators

ViO mini excavators are a line of machines with a true zero tail swing. The line is in its fifth generation model. It can turn in the width of the machine and maintain stability. The weight of the seven models in the ViO series ranges from 3,704 pounds to 17,530 pounds. Horsepower in the ViO models ranges from 13.5 to 58.2. The ViO excavators can dig to depths ranging from 7 feet 7 inches to 15 feet and 5 inches.

Yanmar SV 100 Mini Excavator

The smallest Yanmar mini excavator in the ViO line is the ViO17. With a housing that does not extend past the edges of the tracks it rides on, the ViO17 fits into very tight spaces. The undercarriage can contract and expand for the size of the space in which it needs to fit, yet the unit maintains stability.

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Nissan Forklifts in USA

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A global company for a global environment, Nissan is well known for their automobiles, which is what most people associate them with. However, for those in the industrial sector, their lift trucks also have earned them a well deserved reputation of excellence that consistently ranks in the top ten companies in the world.

Nissan Electric Forklift TX

Nissan forklifts are manufactured in the headquarters of Marengo, Illinois. This is also the site of their North and South American headquarters, with a team of 350 professionals working on constantly improving the standards of quality that are manufactured here. From design to production, the emphasis is on consistent improvement to continue advancing the name that Nissan has built.

Nissan Forklift Special

With such a heavy emphasis these days on environmental sustainability in the face of global warming, larger corporations are trying to do their part to meet new standards just as much as individuals are. Nissan is no exception, with their commitment to focusing on environmental responsibility. They have created new systems that minimize impacts of the factory production processes as well as the products that are in use. To learn more about those specifics, it’s a good idea to ask your local representative about those codes.

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Takeuchi mini excavators – Solutions for Tight Spaces

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Takeuchi Manufacturing is a heavy equipment company founded in 1963 and based in Nagano, Japan. Takeuchi has subsidiaries in the United States, China, France, and the United Kingdom. In 1971, the first compact excavator was introduced in America by Takeuchi Manufacturing. The US Takeuchi Manufacturing plant is located near Atlanta, Georgia. They continue the tradition of innovation and excellence established by the parent company as they produce Takeuchi mini excavators in a 250,000 square foot facility. When tight spaces need dirt work, Takeuchi Manufacturing has solutions for contractors in different sizes and configurations.

Mini Excavators Takeuchi TB 108

Takeuchi Manufacturing in the United States produces ten traditional excavators and three zero swing excavators. The traditional excavators by Takeuchi weigh from 2,033 pounds to 31,878 pounds. The smallest Takeuchi mini excavators have a digging depth of 5 feet and 6 inches. The tracks are adjustable to help the machine fit through narrow openings. The boom swings 180 degrees. The tail swing radius is 31.5 inches.

Mini Excavator Takeuchi TB 016

Safety measures include a control panel lockout. The machine also boasts variable displacement piston pumps and a large capacity hydraulic oil cooler. Great power also allows Takeuchi excavators to keep moving in difficult work sites.

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Crown Forklifts – About Crown Equipment Corporation

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There is a fairly limited range of material handling products manufacturers that are currently making strides forward in a saturated market. Crown forklifts are one of those brands that are prized for ingenuity and a dedication to a high level of customer service and care. They were founded in 1956, with a different business approach that is based on vertical integration, rather than sourcing from outsiders. That means that every aspect of the Crown brand is designed to stand alone as its own product, from the outside in. The company manages to design and manufacture over 85% of the components that go into its forklifts.

Crown Electric Forklifts

This means that when you order Crown forklifts, you will find the highest quality that is possible. Crown oversees the manufacture of the motors, drive units, electronics modules, and most of the other key parts that go into each forklift, without sourcing these from outside mass manufacturers like other rival companies do.

Crown Forklifts

The thinking behind this is that if you are sourcing from an outsider, you will not be able to have the same assurance of quality that you would if you are manufacturing each part yourself. Micromanaging leads to perfection in this case, with some of the most beautifully crafted forklifts on the market today.

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Clark Forklifts – A Background of the Company

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Although Clark forklifts are not the most well-known of all forklift manufacturers, they have a quite steady following. At this very moment there are over 250,000 Clark trucks in operation throughout North America, and over 350,000 operating around the globe. With five major lines of products, they are able to meet a diverse range of needs. Those lines include electric riders, powered hand trucks, narrow-aisle stackers, dual fuel trucks, and diesel engines. This means that there is something for every business that needs to carry materials. Carrying capacities range from 1500 to 18000 pounds at one time, giving a wide range of power levels as well.

Clark C25

Because the Clark forklifts brand has been around now for over 90 years, they have built up a substantial client base and reputation that is mirrored in their extensive catalogues, and in their wide network of distributors. For example, they currently have over 120,000 parts that have been custom-built for all the lines of lift trucks.

Clark CMP40

These are manufactured in their two warehouses, in Louisville, Kentucky and Changwon, South Korea. Because they have dealerships and distribution deals around the world, these two warehouses allow them to meet local needs in a variety of different places.

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Bobcat Excavators – Award-winning Equipment

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Bobcat was founded in 1945 in Gwinner, North Dakota. Originally the Melroe Manufacturing Company, it was sold to Clark Equipment Company in 1969. Clark sold it to Ingersoll-Rand in 1995. The Bobcat Company is now a subsidiary of the Doosan Group in South Korea, having been sold again in 2007. In 2008 and 2009, Bobcat won awards for the engineering and design of some of their excavators. Bobcat excavators are compact, or mini, in size. The company has recently re-engineered their line of mini excavators, releasing the M series of eleven excavators. These include zero, minimal and conventional tail swing machines.

Bobcat 428 Mini Excavator

All of the new Bobcat excavators have some features in common. Redesigned engine, cooling and exhaust systems, air intake, and pump and valve design make the engine run smoothly, increasing efficiency and reducing noise levels. Overall machine weight has been lowered, even while performance has improved. Best in industry cycle times accompany excellent digging and lifting performance.

Bobcat S650

Traveling between jobsites is easier and quicker than ever. An auto-idle function improves fuel efficiency by reducing consumption. Productivity is boosted through operator comfort design in the cabins. Much lower noise levels also increase operator endurance.

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Cat Mini Excavators

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Though Caterpillar, Inc. was founded in 1925 in California, the headquarters is located in Peoria, Illinois. The company had its roots in steam tractors called caterpillars that were invented in the late 1890’s. Now, the CAT Corporation is in the top fifty Fortune 500 companies.

Cat Mini Hydraulic Excavator

They manufacture heavy equipment, as well as sell financial products and insurance. Caterpillar does business worldwide through dealers around the globe. They design, manufacture and market mini, small, medium, large, and ultra high demolition excavators. Cat mini excavators are known for powerful digging force and fast cycle times that increase productivity.

Cat 303C Mini Excavator

There are ten models of Cat mini excavators, ranging in weight from 3,549 pounds to 18,519 pounds. Horsepower levels in this class go from 18.1 to 55.6. All offer spacious cabs with low noise levels to extend operator endurance. Ergonomic controls that respond quickly and smoothly also help with operator comfort. Attachment changes are quick and easy thanks to the Pin-Grabber Coupler design. Fuel consumption is reduced by the features of auto-idle, two-speed travel, and load-sensing variable pumps. These compact excavators come in traditional or minimal swing models to provide the right machine for each work site.

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CTT 2010 – International Show “Construction Equipment & Technologies”

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CTT 2010 – The 11th International Specialized Show “Construction Equipment & Technologies ‘2010” – the largest exhibition of construction equipment, machinery, and technology in Russia and Eastern Europe, which annually brings together the leading manufacturers and suppliers of construction equipment. Show Venue – International Exhibition Complex ‘Crocus Expo’, Moscow, Russia.

CTT 2010 Construction Equipment & Technologies Exhibition

CTT 2010, Moscow, Russia, Construction Equipment & Technologies Show

International Show - Construction Equipment & Technologies 2010

Pekkaniska Equipment, CTT 2010, Moscow

Terex Construction Equipment, CTT 2010, Moscow

Pipe Layers, CTT 2010, Moscow

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Telco Construction Equipment

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When looking for a great construction company, look no further than Telco Construction Equipment Company. The Telco Construction Company has many different kinds of equipment for building and road work. It is said that Telco Construction is the leader in the construction market right now. They use their equipment and their business sense to secure the most profitable accounts. They guarantee customer satisfaction. Many times companies take a job that is too big for them to handle. This is not the case with Telco Construction. They always take jobs they can handle and get done on or before the time is up.

Telco Excavators

Located in Karnataka, India, the Telco Construction Equipment Company carries a lot of construction equipment in its directory. This equipment includes haulers, cranes, excavators, loaders, and all kinds of road equipment. The company focuses mostly on hydraulic type work. They also have a hand on products that are imported, wheeled machines, and road makers.

Telco Heavy Excavators

The company started in 1961 under the Taka Motors Engineering name. Hitachi joined them in 1984. They made huge strides sales and landmark figures. They finally decided to build an operations in Dharwad in 1998. 1999 brought us the Telco Construction Equipment company. They use the best techniques and the best people for the job. Telco employs hundreds of trained and experienced people to head up their projects each year. They have also cornered the market on cranes and excavators.

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