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Heavy Construction Equipment Blog

Cat Construction Equipment Service & Repair

As with most things, equipment can often go faulty and need repairs in order to work properly again. This is the same with equipment from the construction industry. Cat construction equipment service and repair is a hot topic. Since cat construction equipment is so important and each machine is so large, many repairs may need to be made over time in order to keep machines properly running. Take a look at the following information to learn more about repairs and service.

What exactly is cat construction equipment? Cat construction equipment, also known as caterpillar construction equipment is a popular brand of construction machinery. Many construction machines are needed to complete a variety of construction projects. You will notice different pieces of equipment completing certain tasks when passing a construction site. This brand of machinery is one of the most common due to its reputation and wide global availability. Unfortunately, like any machinery, repairs often need to be made.

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Volvo Excavator Heavy Recovery, Sweden

In Sweden a excavator is stuck in the mud. With a Scania 970 from 1962 and a Heavy wrecker from Thorson’s helps the excavator up on safe ground.

Excavator Crossing Rough River

Wild River, there is no bridge, how about crossing using two excavators?

Doosan CX Eco Transformer-Excavator Concept

The Doosan Intelligent Forklift Concept

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is one of Korea’s foremost EPC contractors for plant projects inside and outside the country. Over the past four decades, Doosan has played a key role in building more than 300 power and water projects around the globe. In Korea alone, we have participated in almost every major power project since the mid-1970s with 115 coal-fired thermal power and 23 nuclear power plants either completed or under construction to date. These remarkable credentials have firmly established us as a leader in the global power generation industry as well as the global leader in the heat-recovery steam generator and desalination.

Almost any workplace can have fall hazards—some more obvious than others. As a business owner, there are several cost-effective measures you can take to minimize risk and protect your workers.


A detailed walk-through inspection of all work areas can help you identify the most prominent fall hazards, but may prove insufficient in identifying hidden risks.

Improve Fall Protection in The Workplace

A comprehensive independent risk assessment can not only help you identify less obvious fall hazards within your facility, but can also help you prioritize those risks, identify areas in need of immediate attention, develop fall protection solutions that fit your budget, select fall protection equipment appropriate to each hazard, and provide a foundation for fiscal planning.


Let’s assume that a detailed risk assessment and inspection have identified several key areas in need of fall protection.

You can now use the data from that assessment to work with manufacturers and suppliers to choose the most appropriate fall prevention system for each hazard.

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Futuristic Volvo Construction Equipment Concepts

Volvo SFINX – Volvo’s futuristic Excavator concept machine

Presentation of the SFINX, possible Volvo evolution of the construction equipment (here an excavator) in the years to come.

Volvo GRYPHIN – Volvo’s futuristic Loader concept machine

Presentation of the GRYPHIN, possible Volvo evolution of the construction equipment (here a loader) in the years to come

Volvo FENIX – Volvo’s futuristic Asphalt Paver concept machine

Presentation of the FENIX, possible Volvo evolution of the road machinery (here an asphalt paver) in the years to come.

Volvo CE CENTAUR – Volvo’s futuristic Dumper concept machine

Presentation of the CENTAUR, possible Volvo evolution of the construction equipment (here a dumper) in the years to come

Modular building techniques continue to evolve as clients seek high-grade solutions that save both time and money. As a result, relatively new concepts like floorless modular buildings have become refreshing new additions to the modular lineup. Modular buildings themselves are innately groundbreaking creations, providing cost-effective, quality construction with a quick turn-around time.

Portable Modular Buildings

At its core, modular aims to streamline the sometimes long-winded development course of construction so that clients can receive the most affordable, swiftly produced building possible without sacrificing quality. This process improves project efficiency through simultaneous in-factory construction and onsite preparation. Buildings are ready and installed once the foundation is ready, resulting a finished building in as little as half the time of a comparable conventionally built structure.

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Manufacturers of forklifts encompass both those companies that come from an auto industry background as well as those that are more specifically productive in the warehouse equipment industry. One of the top 5 forklift manufacturers is also a top manufacturer of other vehicles, and that is Toyota. With a strong reputation not only for their forklifts but also for their trucks, Toyota is at the top of the list for quality. Another big name in the industry in terms of both automobiles and heavy machinery is Nissan, which has a full range of forklift types as well. Because they have been in operation for so long, they are recognized by many to rank at number 2 on the list.

Forklift the Toyota

In the world of machinery and industrial equipment, perhaps no name is so well recognized as Caterpillar, putting them in at number three in the list of top 5 forklift manufacturers. Manufactured in Houston, Texas, Cat trucks are ideal for employers who want to make sure that their industrial materials are up to par with the latest governmental safety standards, including those put forth by the OSHA.

Forklift manufacturers the OSHA

These forklifts are known for being roomy on the interior, and particularly reliable.

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CAT Excavator comes to the rescue for two John Deere Dozers that have become trapped in a drainage canal they are helping to maintain.

Obviously well made sturdy machines, the amount of force exerted on the dozer blades and their hydraulic actuators must have been enormous – great machinery.

Cranes maximize worker safety, improve productivity, and can increase the bottom line. Let’s take a look at some situations where informed and targeted uses of gantry, bridge, monorail, and jib cranes can translate into big cost savings.

Size Does Matter: Cranes & Transloading

If you have a big job to do, it is essential that you have equipment that’s up to the task. The world’s largest gantry cranes can be found at shipyards or transloading facilities where heavy parts or cargo must be transferred from ship to ground or from ship to truck or rail transportation.

Spanco Cranes

To understand the cost savings that gantry cranes bring to such a setting, try and imagine doing the job without a crane. A gantry crane greatly reduces the time needed to move high volumes of heavy tonnage units. This means increased productivity and a reduction in time that cargo sits in rail yards and ports waiting to move along the supply chain.

The Perfect Fit: Modern Material Handling Solutions

Staying competitive in today’s industrial environment demands a coordinated effort of increased productivity and a reduction in workplace hazards. Whether your business is engaged in warehousing, shipping, or manufacturing, making sure that materials are being handled safely at predetermined and efficient work flows is a key factor in being cost competitive. Today’s cranes are surprisingly versatile and provide modern material handling solutions.

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